Startastic can offer your school fun and educational dance workshops in the North East area.  Our aim is to provide your school with an exceptional service at a reasonable price and give your pupils the chance to be involved in an interactive experience.  Our dance workshops are here to inspire, educate and boost confidence through dance. 

We have a variety of dance workshops to choose from, such as:

·         Diwali

·         Chinese New Year

·         Space

·         World book day

·         African adventure

·         Weather and seasons

·         Harvest festival

·         Christmas

Our programmes are bespoke, and we design them around your curriculum. 

Our Early Years Workshops can support your little learners.

Personal, social and emotional development – the children can make relationships and increase their confidence by working as a team.

Physical development – children can use gross motor movements such as running, jumping, balancing and negotiating space successfully. We can bring our successful Olympians class to your setting.

Communication and language – children will learn to listen to and follow simple instructions as well as having opportunities for speaking.

Literacy - during our book themed sessions, we can bring stories to life through song, dance and drama.

Mathematics – we use numbers by counting movements and people

Understanding the world – our sessions focus on different people, lifestyles and our planet.

Expressive arts and design – children can be imaginative and move their bodies in an expressive and individual way.


Dance for KS1 and KS2 children can support their studies and teach them through being active.

Geography and Languages – children can learn about other countries and cultures through our range of sessions available.

Science – we can bring science to life by offering our Future Inventors workshops where children can learn fun and simple science experiments.

History – we can design sessions around historical events or time periods, such as the Egyptians or Kings and Queens.

Music – we can design programmes to teach different genres of music through matching styles of dance to different genres.

RE – we can offer a huge range of workshops around different religions to teach children about culture in a fun way.

PE – we incorporate team games, dance and gymnastic moves and focus on warm ups and stretches.


Dance is an excellent way for children to keep fit and active.  The students increase their co-ordination and confidence.  We can bring fun and enthusiasm to support their learning.  We encourage children to express their feeling and emotions through dance and movement, promoting positive mental health. 


Why not treat them to a dance workshop?                                   

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