Making Dreams Come True

There is nothing more important than the happiness of our children. For my daughters 4th birthday I decided to host a character party where princesses would appear at her special day; this was the beginning of a monumental journey. Over the past 9 years the needs of the business have developed and grown so much so, that we now offer such a variety of things for all occasions and events.

Charlene Melling

Founder & Creative Director

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Turning a Vision into Reality

At the age of 16 I attended an audition at Startastic to become a party host. I was the first ever "princess" that Charlene recruited and she's been stuck with me ever since! The job opened up so many opportunities for me at such a young age, i've travelled the world and been an entertainer for Brittany Ferries, various holiday parks and most recently Disney Cruise Line. All roles have provided me with so much experience in the entertainment and events industry which I can now implement into my job here at Startastic.

Charley McKeurtan

Entertainment and Event Manager

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A Perfectionist on Every Detail